Why Hardscape?

Hardscape is the backbone or skeleton of your property. It establishes the structure upon which a landscape can be built.

Retaining walls define a space and hold back sloped soils allowing a level passage or expanded patio space. Durable surfaces of concrete pavers, clay pavers or natural stone slabs establish a design style while adding extended value to your property. Accent elements such as arbors, pergolas or trellises turn a traditional patio into an exceptional outdoor room.

Quality You Can Trust

At Centerville Landscaping we only use premium materials, like quality pavers (whether natural stones, bricks, or concrete pavers) and premium wood for shade structures (pergolas or gazebos.) We also use sturdy wall blocks for our garden and retaining wall projects. We know that the choice of quality materials is vital to ensure the durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal of any hardscape, which is why we never settle for the cheap alternatives.

We also have the proper tools including heavy machinery if need be. This allows us to perform our jobs efficiently and to complete our projects on time. This allows us to perform your job professionally and efficiently.

Reliable Experience

Centerville Landscaping has over 40 years experience designing hardscapes. During this time we have installed some of the most remarkable outdoor features that adorn private properties and commercial establishments across the Dayton Ohio region. This experience gets put to good use on every hardscape project we touch. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable having professionals with over 40 years of hardscape experience working on your project?

Whether you need residential or commercial services, we can answer all your hardscaping requirements and yield incredible results. Do you want a paver or stone patio surface or a  fire pit that is as functional as it is elegant? If so, contact Centerville Landscaping today so we can fulfill your hardscape dreams.