Over 50 years of experience in the making.

Two workers of Centerville Landscape
Company Was Established

The company was founded by Bob Shields, and originally named Centerville Lawn & Landscape.

Tom appointed CEO

The company passed to Tom Shields, who still works with us today. 

Company hired JC Wheaton

JC started working the business as a high school student and throughout college.

Business acquired by JC Wheaton

The company was purchased by long-time employee JC Wheaton.

Meet our team

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JC Wheaton

JC Wheaton company photo

Stacia Sigurdson

Business Manager
Stacia Sigurdson company photo

Tom Shields

Operations Manager
Tom Shields company photo

Adam Ravenstein

Project Manager
Adam Ravenstein company photo

Tim Ludwing

Landscape Designer/Project Manager
Tim Ludwing company photo

Christine Carpenter

Landscape Designer/ Project Manager

Chris McVay

Lighting Manager
Chris McVay company photo

Lucy Downs

Irrigation Scheduling Manager
Lucy Downs company photo

Virginia Hopson

Accounts Payable & Receivable
Virginia Hopson company photo

Jim Mynes

Project Manager
Jim Mynes company photo