Our expert irrigation technicians can design, install, and maintain your irrigation system for years to come.

Irrigation is the practice of applying controlled amounts of water to land. This practice helps to grow crops, landscape plants, and lawns. Irrigation is necessary for agriculture because it protects against droughts and floods and allows us to maximize crop production from limited resources such as water, soil nutrients and sunlight.

Benefits From Our Service

Ensure your plants receive just the right amount of moisture they need, substantially reducing water wastage

Gardens avoid stress, encourage better nutrient absorption, and promote vigorous growth

Protects your plants during periods of drought and preventing over-saturation during heavy rainfall

Waters your garden or fields at predetermined times, freeing you from the labor-intensive task of manual watering

Customer Testimonial

Centerville Landscape has helped to maintain our irrigation system at work, and have installed drainage in my home lawn. The staff is knowledgeable and hard working, as well as very professional.

Britt B.

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