Increase the security of your home, and enjoy your outdoors any time of day. Our lighting designer can create the perfect lightscape for you.

Landscape Lighting, or Lightscaping, is the use of exterior lights to manage the surrounding environment, by strategically placing colored or white lights to highlight certain plants and trees. Creating these subtle environmental changes can enhance the beauty and safety of a property while reducing energy costs.

Benefits From Our Service

Lightscaping can magnify the beauty of your outdoor space

Landscape lighting provides a safer environment by illuminating walkways, stairs, patios, and other outdoor areas

Use your outdoor living areas even after the sun has set

Enhanced safety and usability of outdoor spaces

Customer Testimonial

We've used Centerville Landscaping for 3+ years now to take care of our entire property, year-round. We have been very pleased with Centerville Landscaping and we are happy to recommend their services.

Timothy I.

Light up your landscape.

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